Buttock Augmentation Surgery

What is Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

If ageing, sun damage, or pregnancy has caused significant damage to your buttocks – leading to sagging of the buttocks, a buttock lift can come to your rescue. Formally known as Gluteal augmentation surgery or buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt lift – it helps improve the size, shape, and contour of one’s buttocks through buttock implants or fat grafting and sometimes even a combination of both.

With the removal of excess skin and fat, a more pleasing contour is achieved at the end instead of a dimpled, irregular surface from before.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Why is it done?

Apart from enhancing your self-image and boosting your confidence, the cosmetic value of buttock surgeries lies in increasing the fullness of the buttocks as it changes the projection of the same. A better balance is achieved with increased roundness of this part of the body.

Men and women alike – unhappy with the size or volume of their buttocks – may choose to augment the roundness or change its asymmetrical shape.

Types of Techniques Used

The two most popular ones happen to be:

Autologous Fat Transfer

Using one’s own natural fatty tissue.

Buttock Implant

Using a gluteal implant with or without fat transfer for additional contouring


After one has made a decision weighing in the benefits and risks involved within this surgery as also understanding the physical, mental , and financial commitment that is to follow – patients are provided with important pre-operative instructions by their doctor. The consultations leading to the surgery will involve QnA, detailing out the medical history and a physical examination to ascertain the fitness of the individual to undergo surgery.

To accelerate the healing process, doctors would ask to stop certain inhibitory lifestyle practices such as smoking – from at least 2-3 weeks before surgery, intake of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or any herbal medications that can cause bleeding to increase. All these restrictions help for a safer recovery.


Autologous Fat Transfer

Popular by its moniker “Brazilian Butt Transfer”, the process involves taking fat from one area of the body and transfer it to the buttocks – with the aim to enhance and reshape it.

Suction tubes remove fatty tissues from regions with an excess of it – abdomen, thighs etc. The same is processed and reinjected through small incisions over the desired area. Fat gets grafted in multiple layers and at multiple levels. The cannula transfers fat in a back-and-forth movement. This ensures the deposit of a very smooth, linear line of fatty tissue which is then left to reshape itself. Thus, the augmentation is completed.

Patients are given a supportive dressing following the buttock augmentation surgery to help them support the operated area. Not all of the transferred fat survives, thus repeat procedures are not uncommon. One ends up with an improved torso contour and waistline.

Buttock Implant

Used mostly to treat poorly defined buttocks, these implants are silicone based, soft and inserted through an incision hidden in the natural buttock crease. The aim is to position the implant below or above or in between the gluteal muscle – inside a pocket as also above the pelvic bone.

After the procedure completion, the supportive dressing is provided.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Post-surgical Care and Recovery

After completion, patients are closely monitored and permitted to go home only after a an observation period, that can last for a day or two.

Returning to normal day-to-day activity will differ from one person to the other given the optimal level of post-surgical care. Special tight garments are to be worn for weeks to come. The pain that hits once the anaesthesia wears off is usually taken care by pain killers . Excessive pain and swelling can also be a sign of complication, thus one must be alert in such cases. Recovery protocol also includes antibiotics and healing takes usually 8 weeks.


Implants have been known to slip post-operatively and also the fat to get reabsorbed causing asymmetry of the buttocks.

Slender body sizes might not suffice with only fat augmentation procedure. Implants might still be needed in order to achieve the perfect desired shape.

Final Wording!

Buttock augmentation surgery is known to give results that are long lasting – in fact for the rest of their life. The transferred fat grows and ages alongside the body while the implants remain safe and sound unless removal becomes necessary following complications.