Breast Lift Surgery

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexy – commonly known as Breast Lift Surgery helps raise breasts that are saggy and drooping. It is the procedure to remodelthe breast tissue and skin in order to achieve a contour that is proportionate and aesthetically acceptable to the person in question.

Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi

Why is it done?

In breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon helps raise and reshape breasts by reducing extra skin around the breast along with the increased size of the areola and may or may not use the breast implant – one achieves a firmer, rounder look as opposed to the sagging caused by loss of elasticity and firmness.

Women post-pregnancy or post-menopausal age might opt for this operation. Breastfeeding and weight gain/loss is also known to affect elasticity, thus accounting for another reasons to go for this operation.

Types of Techniques used

A variety of incision patterns and techniques can be used during breast lift surgery depending on:

Degree of sagging of the breast
Size and position of the areolas
Size and shape of the breast
Skin – quality and elasticity
Amount of extra skin
Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi


Any plastic surgeon will take you through all the following steps:

Reviewing Medical History: Medical history especially pertaining to the breast such as cancer has to be explored by your doctor before giving the green signal.
Physical Examination: Breast examination is done to ascertain quality of skin, its tone, volume of the breast, position of nipples and areolae etc. It is not uncommon for your doctor to take your permission to photograph the region – to be used for medical record.
Discuss Options: You will find yourself expressing your expectations from the surgery to your doctor. They will need to know your reason behind the procedure and help you understand all risks and benefits before you make up your mind.


The various steps are:

Anaesthesia – General anaesthesia is administered to make you sleep and cause zero discomfort during the surgery.
Incision – The three common incision patterns are

  1. Around the areola,
  2. Around the areola and vertically down extending till breast crease, and
  3. The third one is when the line extends beyond the breast crease horizontally along the crease.

Reshaping is achieved through a tuck and lift of the underlying breast tissue to improve contour. Nipple and areola get repositioned while excess breast skin gets removed in order to compensate for the loss of elasticity. Breast Lift Surgeries also reshape enlarged areolas by skin excisions made around their perimeter.
Closing Incisions – Remaining skin gets tightened in order to close the incisions.

Some incision lines might get concealed in natural breast contours while some remain visible. It is noteworthy that incision lines from breast lift are permanent – requiring years to fade away.

Post-Surgery Care

Post operatively, bandages are applied to the incisions and an elastic bandage or support bra is used in order to provide support to the breasts during healing. Excess blood and fluid collecting inside gets drained through a small tube placed under skin.


Medications are available to hasten the recovery process. Apart from these, one would have to be thorough with breast care and check up with the doctor at regular intervals especially if anything surfaces.


Breast lift surgery is a very rewarding surgery which can boost the confidence of a female, the way they see their enhanced image in the mirror. This can lead to a change in their posture, attitude and lifestyle, which can bring a positive energy in them.