Brow Lift Surgery

What is Brow Lift Surgery?

A surgical brow lift is a cosmetic procedure for rejuvenating the forehead and the brow area. It restores and corrects the loss of soft tissues in the forehead area. Also known as a forehead lift, brow lift surgery is done to improve the appearance of the brow area by lifting the soft tissues and skin of the area to remove any excess sagging and repositioning the tissues and muscles in the area. The surgery can correct creasing in the forehead and brow area, remove any extra sagging and frown lines, eliminate furrows and restore smooth skin in and around the brow area.

Brow Lift Surgery in Delhi

Why is it done?

With aging comes the drooping or sagging of skin tissues in the brow and the forehead area causing the skin to move down. The elasticity in the skin and tissues reduces, decreasing the distance between the eyebrows and the lashes due to the sagging of the brows. This can make one look consistently angry, tired, or upset. Also, it can cause reduction in the field of vision.

A brow lift surgery can restore the elasticity of the tissues and the skin, thus lifting the brows to combat the sagging and drooping of the skin. This results in the eyes and brow area looking more naturally alert and bright. The procedure is typically done to restore the aesthetics of the forehead and the brow area that are lost due to sagging of the brows.

Types of Techniques Used

Based on the technique used, there are three different types of brow lift surgeries. These generally depend on the patient’s personal profile and requirements such as results expected, anatomy of the patient, and the corrections required for the result desired:

A classic brow lift or coronal brow lift
Endoscopic brow lift
Temporal brow lift
Brow Lift Surgery in Delhi

Preparation and Procedure

Every patient’s goals and expected results with the brow lift surgery differ. Before one undergoes the procedure, upon consultation with the plastic surgeon it is imperative that he/she reviews your medical history and do a current physical examination of the patient.

The procedure being invasive, it is conducted in a hospital. To prepare for it, the patient is administered a general anesthetic which makes the patient unconscious. Depending on the desired results and the specific technique chosen or required, the surgeon then makes incisions accordingly:

Classic Brow Lift

Also known as the coronal brow lift, the classic brow lift surgery was the standard surgical procedure for brow lifts, but is rarely used these days. Now it is used only in cases where it becomes absolutely necessary to do this procedure to achieve the patient’s desired results from the brow lift. In this procedure, a single long incision is made behind the hairline, from one ear end to another. Upon the incision, the extra tissue is removed from inside the hairline area and the skin and brow muscles are repositioned as desired. This repositioning leaves the patient with a more youthful and smooth appearance.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The most popular technique used in brow lift surgeries these days, the endoscopic brow lift is a much less invasive procedure. The procedure involves making very small incisions right behind the hairline and then inserting tiny instruments and cameras into the area. Using these instruments, the muscles in the area are resected, tissues in the forehead area are lifted and the extra skin is removed if needed.

Temporal Brow Lift

Also known as a limited incision brow lift surgery, the procedure involves making incisions slightly longer than those in an endoscopic lift but smaller than in the classic procedure. This procedure is always performed along with eyelid surgery for the best results. After making the incisions, the surgeon lifts and repositions the tissues in the outer area of the brows, and then through incisions made for the eyelid surgery, the tissues in the area between the eyebrows are also lifted to smoothen out the frown lines. The procedure generally takes about one to two hours.

Post-surgery Care and Recovery

Once the brow lift surgery is over, the forehead is wrapped in soft bandages. This is done to minimize any kind of post-surgery swelling. Also, a drain is placed along these incisions to let any excess blood or fluid flow out. The bandages are removed in two to three days and the sutures on the incisions are removed within a week or 10 days.

During the recovery, the patient is required to follow the instructions given by the surgeon. The head must be rested as advised by the surgeon and any excess motion or exertion on the head and forehead must be strictly avoided. Everyday activities like bathing and washing of the scalp and hair must be resumed and done only after consultation with the surgeon.

As incisions from the surgery will fade over time, the results will also start showing in a few weeks once the bruising and the swelling subside.


The brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure to surgical improve and restore the aesthetics of one’s face, especially in the brow and forehead area. It may be done using any of the three procedures to give the patient a more lifted and smooth forehead area by removing the sagging of the brows and the wrinkles between them. A brow lift surgery typically gives the patient a youthful appearance.