Breast Augmentation Surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery or an augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical process done to increase the breast size or reshape the breasts. The augmentation surgery involves the placement of implants or the transfer of fat under the tissues in the breast area. More commonly referred to as a ‘boob job’, breast augmentation surgery is undergone by some women to increase their breast size to feel confident or to restore breast volume, or to improve the symmetry and shape of their breasts.

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Why is Breast Augmentation Surgery Done?

Breast augmentation surgery, as most people believe, is generally done as a cosmetic procedure for aesthetic purposes by women to increase their breast size in order to feel more confident in their own bodies. But apart from this, the surgery may even be opted by a patient for any of the following reasons:

To increase the breast size for fuller breasts, to enhance the appearance
To enlarge naturally small breasts
To improve the symmetry, if breasts are uneven naturally
To restore reduction in the breasts caused post-surgery or due to significant weight loss
To restore or reconstruct breasts after a surgery, injury or mastectomy

It is pertinent to note that breast augmentation surgery can be combined with procedure for lifting the drooped or sagging breasts.

What are the Implants?

A breast implant is an artificially created tissue-like structure or a prosthesis filled with saline or silicone gel. The implants are placed inside the breast, behind the breast tissues to create an augmented, enlarged, or improved breast form and structure.

The implants can be –

Silicone implants, a silicone outer shell filled with a silicone gel
Saline implants, filled with saline solution or saltwater

The kind of implant one choosescan affect the breast augmentation surgery procedure, the extent of pain one might feel during the surgery, the appearance and firmness of the breasts, the risk of implant leakage, etc.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Procedure: What to Expect?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that involves administering anesthesia, incision, and implantation. The patient is usually administered with general anesthesia depending for the breast augmentation surgery.

Before the procedure, the patient is required to decide the size of the implants and the procedure to be followed is decided accordingly. The procedure differs in the place of incision, which includes:

Inframammary incision, a cut or incision is made in the crease under the breast, in the inframammary fold.
Trans-axillary incision, the incision is made in the under-arm or the armpit area. The surgery involves implanting through an endoscope.
Peri-areolar incision, the cut is made around the nipple area, that is, the edge of the areola.

The choice of incision and implant procedure depends on factors like the size of the implant, anatomy of the patient, the type of implants, medical history, and some other factors.

Once the incisions are made, the implant is inserted into a pocket, either below the pectoral muscles (chest muscle) or behind the breast tissues over the pectoral muscles. Once the implants are inserted, the surgeon stitches up the incisions and closes them with surgical tape and skin adhesives to close the cuts and keep the skin together for healing. The incision lines may be visible post-surgery, but they fade over the course of time.


Post the breast augmentation surgery, once the effect of the anesthesia wears off, the patient might feel minor pain for which they are given painkillers. The patients are suggested not do activities involving hand movements like lifting heavy objects or weights, driving, exercising, etc. The healing process takes about two to three weeks after which even the sutures and stitches fade off.

The patients are generally given post-surgery and recovery instructions involving instructions on how to take care of the breasts, how to take the medicines prescribed, follow-up procedures, and other necessary information post-surgery exercises, when to wear a bra and of what kind. These recovery instructions must be strictly followed by the patient for a complete and proper recovery.

What to Look Out for?

Like any other surgical procedure, breast augmentation surgery also involves certain risks or complications that may arise in some cases, but not generally. As per some studies, the women who undergo breast augmentation surgery may experience some complications like painful breasts, bleeding, temporary loss of sensation, bleeding or rupturing or leaking of the implants, and some may even require a subsequent surgery, but this is not a routine thing.

To Sum Up!

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular surgical procedure undergone by a number of females all around the world. The procedure is surgical and mildly invasive, but the recovery is quite quick and the results meet the patient’s expectations in most cases with a few complications in rare cases. The implants last for about seven to twelve years. Breast augmentations surgeries are widely popular and one must always consult a plastic surgeon before going forward with it.